techy troubles

My brain has stormed again, so more memories….

‘gotta be starting something”, sung at every opportunity ( thanks Sarah for the senior moment nudge ). The game with no name , leading to the mime of ”get up, stand up” followed by a rendition by the 10 strong Bob Marley appreciation society. We all, except Michael ,Sarah and John , having a Brazilian one day…….she was called Roberta and gave us all a massage. No kinky group thing ( although Jacob did ask ), just an hour each on her special bed.We then washed off our oil in the swimming pool , and no , that wasn’t the day I fell in the pool.

Had a near disaster with my phone last night. It was like The Walton’s parlour round here. John and I were painting our squares at the table, Jacob was on his PC ( yes, i know Walton’s Mountain didn’t have WiFi ), while Florence, Stu and Helen C, dogged back a bottle of Pinot Grigio, when all of a sudden i knocked my water over . Jacob lept into action , lifting his Mac, while I lifted my artwork . leaving my phone in the puddle. It then wouldnt work . But I then I remembered , Rosie had washed 3 phones on a full washing load with a 1500 spin cycle ( bet you’ll all be rushing around here with your smalls now ) and 2 had survived. So I took it apart – the phone not the washing machine , and have left it to dry in the hot cuboard , so watch this space.

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