keeping busy on Sundays

1.The ‘Bowl game’ ( and all the food and drink that went with it ) took it’s toll last night.So this morning, John and I went on an explorative , Thames River ( as Andrzej insists on calling , even though I tell him the words are in the wrong order ) towpath walk in the sunshine . We eventually found , tucked away behind a working boatyard , a pub we didn’t know existed , a weir and 2 little hidden bridges – Johnsons Island Artists Colony- don’t be fooled by the word colony , it was a few old sheds and some pretty uninspiring artwork , but we loved it .It was sort of quirky and hidden and about 2 miles from where we live . I love finding new( to me ) places in London

2.Then home to open window number 2. Thor your picture made me laugh.. a series of people diving into the sea -straight on their heads.

3.Finally , if you have 4 minutes to spare , Youtube ‘Nina Conti on Russel Howard’s Good News’. It is pretty much what John did on Thursday night , except John had a wig on and got his spout and handle on the same side ! ( believe me, it’ll make sense if you watch it )

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  1. I have just witnessed one of the funniest things ever on that Nina Conti Youtube Clip .Did John have to wear that thing and dance?

  2. The Nina Conti sketch is hilarious. Went on to watch Paul Zerdin doing the same….also very funny. It must have been so funny watching John do it. Looking forward to Friday. xx

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