Dates for your diary

It was like London Fashion week in Brigstock this afternoon. Flo is going to a party tonight and she brought along a selection of dresses she might wear..then modelled them for Grandma ( registered blind ) and me ( only wears sacks from M&S- and hasnt even bought one of them for 10months ) – so not quite Anna Wintour and Posh in the front row. Anyway Flo tried on the flowery dress Rosie is wearing in the collaborative piece photo, only to find the bottom button was missing and so Rosie had tied the 2 sides together with a ripped off piece of plastic carrier bag and tied it in a bow at the front – not quite the invisible sewing that she picked up a Brownie badge for in 1997 !

Had an email from Jacob last night, he sounds like he’s turning into a bronzed Adonis, having hired bikes, had his hair cut, cycled around Princes Island, sunbathed on a secluded beach and swum in the sea and eaten Fried Bonita ( isn’t that mentioned in an Abba song ? ). Does he go to any lectures , has he found out where Istanbul Uni is ?

Next week , we are starting gridding up the back of the colaborative Rosie Collage. To all 129 of you that have submitted a square and a photo ,thank -you. BUT, if you do have a photo of you and Rosie together , please can you get it onto photographic paper and get it to me . I know Holly has done a marvelous job of collecting loads. Hopefully we will be getting the invitations printed next week and so we can post them , and they can sit in a pile somewhere ( along with Flo’s Oyster card ) until the post strike is over……. We will also be sending ‘e’ ( electronic ,not the stimulant) invitations out, so hopefully somehow EVERYONE will know about it. We want as many people to come as possible , so please tell your friends and family about it and encourage them to come. Roughly it will be Tues 15, Wed 16 and Thurs 17th December 10am – 8.15pm. Except for the Tuesday evening when from 4.30pm – 8.15pm , it will be the Private view for the 130 Artistes who all did 2 squares. It is in The triangle Space , at The Chelsea School of Art, on Millbank, bang next door to The Tate Britain ( so try not to get it muddled with The Turner Prize , ours is much better – no tents , beds or pickled sheep ). So start booking your flights, megabus, polish your rollerblades and come on down .

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  1. next time can we have some photos of Flo in her dresses up on the blog and we could all vote on what she should wear on a night out – I havent been asked since Sally Birch and I were getting ready for a night out at the Embassy Club – circa 1985

  2. Great idea Claire! Like our own mini Britain’s next top model.
    The photos you are asking for Rachel – do they have to be any particular size? And when do you need them by?

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