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A few more thank-yous ….

To my friend Jane ……who last night, picked me up, drove me to Windsor where we wined and dined within the beautiful arches of Royal Windsor Station and then introduced me to her friend,John, who was appearing in Ruddigore ( I know it’s the second time I’ve see it in six months- it’s a sort of adult fairy story ). We then joined the crew for after show drinkies and a nosey round the dressing rooms. A lovely night.

To one of my students ……. who came into our class this morning , and gave me a carrier bag .A gift I thought , but alas no , she’d been sick on the bus and…..( nuff said )

To Jools Holland ….who has invited Thomas Shickel’s( Rosie’s friend ) band, Spector, onto his 10pm BBC2 show ,tonight.

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