Then there’s Strictly

Bad Education – that’s not a reference to being back at work , but the first programme I’ve seen in ages that made me laugh out loud . I know if you don’t watch it ,this is a complete yawn, but the part in this weeks episode where Matthew Horne as the Head Teacher appears in those yellow speedos was enough to make me choke on my Giant Choc Buttons .

It’s really rather pathetic ,but when I’m feeling a bit low and I have something good to look forward to on the TV ,it cheers me up a bit and the day becomes a bit more bearable . So what with B.E. and The Great British Bake Off and Phil on Location ,Location,Location …I’m having quite a good week .

Then today ,on the radio I heard Holes by Passenger .A complete cheesefest of a song , but lovely words ( I think )

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