* another TV reference

For reasons that are too painful to write down ,I was so deeply moved by the Panorama programme ‘The Mind Reader: Between Life and Death’, that I watched last night. ( if you have time ,do watch it ).At times it was so sad ,I just couldn’t control my emotions .It brought all those terrible/awful/destructive,’what if ? ‘ thoughts into my head .They nver make for a good nights sleep.


1.Try watching FM straight after .I wish I’d done it that way round

2.I do do more than watch televsion .I don’t know why have to justify it ,but I do ( doubles as brain gym ).Today I am coffeeing and strolling in Sunbury Walled Garden, before picnicking and walking in Bushey park. Then tonight , eating and drinking and talking and listening in and Acton pub where my friend’s son’s girlfriend ,Sophie,works and sings on a Thursday night .Sophie did come sixth in ‘Australia’s Got Talent’ a few years ago , So although I was hoping for a Phoebe-like-Smelly Cat*- rendition , I think she might be a bit better .Seaside tomorrow.

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