We want more of Sabine

Finished work, tidied up , rushed to dentist , got there just in time ….in fact I was early – twenty-four hours and one minute early .My lovely dentist agreed to see me , and then I told her about the dentists story in ‘Fresh meat’. So next time I want a piercing ,I’ll know where to go.

Like probably most of you ( except Stu and Adam ) she hadn’t a clue what I was talking about .That programme just gets better and better .

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  1. what do you think of the mental dentals? the girlfriends pretty annoying. luvin the will they wont they sabine and howard storyline

  2. Yes ,I was trying to explain the ‘mental dentals’ to my dentist today . She is the polar opposite of them , so when she said she was going to watch it on iplayer ,i wish I’d kept my mouth shut ( literally )
    ….I think Heather is creepy. I loved the Oregon and Dylan twist . Howard will have his heart broken by Sabine .But , J.P. is my absolute favourite , he comes out with the best lines, and makes me laugh the most
    sadly, I think it’s the last one next week..

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