Book titles we know and love

Jacob and I treated Grandma to jerk chicken , peas and rice and fried plantain for supper . We held fire on the chilli sauce- a bridge too far when your 90 and your stomachs a bit dodgy ( Grandma’s not Jacobs). Before dining we phoned Florence , Grandma was thrilled to hear ”she’s on the gin ”, where in fact Flo said she’s joined the gym . Then I asked Grandma which carer was on duty ,to which she replied ‘The tragedy of the cliff”

To make any sense of that …scroll back to last Thursdays blog entry ‘The old ones are the best’

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  1. Today 24th, when I turned on my computer, a rare event as you know for an iPad convert, it was a photo of Rosie’s collage that greeted me on my random photo screen save. Strange as you have just been writing about it, upsetting naturally but beautiful and warming too. Tis a bad day for me, I find Siobhan’s birthday the worst day all….illogical but it is……just seized by grief………still. Going for a long walk along the coastal path and will take my thoughts of Siobhan and Rosie and Jane and share it with them. Much love xx

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