I still talk and write to Rosie everyday .

I talk to her as I walk , rarely when I am still , or when I go into her bedroom .When I go into her bedroom ,I always say sorry to her .Sorry for intruding ,sorry for not being able to look at her pictures and just plain sorry …because I am .I am so sorry ,it hurts.

Then I write to her at night when I put pen to paper in my diary .If she hears me or reads me ,she must think I am mad .I think I am a bit .

Today was the six year anniversary of when I said my final good-bye to Rosie and so in her memory some kind friends took me to The Gurdwara for lunch .I am not Sikh ( obviously ) and neither are they ( they are Muslim ) , but we listened to the prayers, observed the customs and shared their food .It was a lovely way to take let her roam around in my head and yet feel safe and comforted by the kindness and consideration of other people .

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