A day in the Life….

I’ve had twenty four hours of nudity, needles , homo-erotica, hula-hooping, mojitos , covorting on a highwire wearing nothing but a thong , star-spotting ( if Nancy Dell’olio counts ) and Sainsburys .No I’m not talking about the final chapter of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey ‘, but my actual day. Started out with Picasso and Modern European Artists ( nudity ), ended with acupuncture on my ankle ( needles ) and in between there was a Mexican dins and a visit to The Spiegeltent to see ‘Briefs’- an Australian all male circus cum boylesque cum drag show – very rude ( which also contained some dye and needles, plus more nudity ) . I don’t have to explain what Sainsburys is

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  1. What an interesting life you lead. By way of a complete contrast, I did a bit of gardening, got bitten by ants, went to Waitrose to buy anti hystemine(and several other bits I didnt need),slept and itched all afternoon.However I did go to an Ann Summers shop the day before-and that was exciting!!!

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