We all do strange things

Thanks Elena for your donation .I think that Justgiving donation page can be a bit confusing as the ‘fill in your name and message’ pops up at the end ,after you’ve confirmed the amount donated – I think it should pop up at the beginning .

Sarah kindly sent me this link today – read it .It’s very moving but positive and heartwarming too


A few years ago I took my class to The Lyric,Hammersmith , to see the pantomime .To be honest it was a bit too arty farty for my students .We wanted more boos and hisses and cheesy pop songs and less references to James Barrie . Anyway I sat myself between two of my most challenging students ,both far advanced on The Autistic Spectrum . All was quiet ,all was still ( as was I ) as one had fallen asleep on my shoulder and the other ( 19 year old male and over 6’2” tall ), had reached behind and was happily fiddling with the elbow of a middle-aged lady sitting in the row behind ! She sat there frozen – I think she was in shock.

Footnote: In my experience ,a lot of young people with ASD like flapping the bingo wings of another person , or fiddling with the skin of another person’s elbow .It is often the case at work ,I find a little hand creeping up the sleeve of my T.shirt ( then I think it’s time to leave the staffroom and go back to class )

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  1. Are you being facetious ??Is it only me , or do other people have flabby bits above their elbows esp: when you lift your arms up ?

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