Louis’s going to be on Johnathan Ross on friday

All you budding artists out there- have you ever done the whole ‘shoplifting, swallowing the booty, excreting it and then calling it a conceptual art ‘thing ? Me neither . But this Goldsmiths prog is inspiring me to go back to college and do a masters….or go downstairs and watch Pineapple, ASD and stagestruck or Glee- decisions decisions.

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  1. Can’t quite understand the concept of ‘neon lights-turned off’.Does that mean that we shouldn’t be looking at the sign itself because it’s not really saying anything or …that noone has turned it on because it’s not really important or ….that we should be looking at the meaning behind the sign or ….that this medium doesn’t work or…all of the above depending on whether or not the artist could pay the electricity bill….

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