Tanzi might pop up in 24hours in A&E, as I think Kings College is the nearest hospital

In the words of Frank Sinatra ‘Isabella,Isabella, so good they named it twice ‘ ( except it doesn’t really fit ) , so I’ll just sing this in my head ‘Isabella ( Plantation ) ,Isabella, so beautiful ,I’ve been there twice in 2 days”. My God it looks amazing at the moment .All the Rhododendrons and Azaleas are out , the fluffy ducklings are all swimming around in circles ,the stepping stones are uber slippery and the ponds are full and lush .Yesterday ,Max the dog ,Archie the dog and twelve of us from the TCF went walking – four of whom are newly bereaved mothers .One ladies little boy,Oscar , died very suddenly on the 9th December,Rosie’s birthday , so I shall never forget him . Then today I went there with Mary and Daisy the fouteen week old dog – very well behaved for a Richmond Park Virgin ( Daisy NOT Mary ).

Then tonight’s little adventure south of the river to Elephant and Castle has been cancelled as Tanzi injured herself and had to be taken to hospital . We were meant to be going to The Southwark Theatre’s new home and see their latest production -a musical ‘Tanzi Libre’ which is set in a boxing ring and the story is told through dance,song and boxing – I feel an end of term school production coming on .

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