Jane ,it involved Digital Dave and one short on the head count on the return mini-bus journey .I’ve no idea how you avoided being in the male showers at Gurnell Pool , I always seemed to be in there , fishing someone out ( although NOT Digital Dave ) .

The Ofsted Report doesn’t come out for two weeks – which I’m sure you’ll all be itching to read – and I don’t know if I’m officially allowed to say , but it wasn’t satisfactory and it wasn’t outstanding – so work out wht’s in the middle . Luckily this time I managed not to lock myself in the artroom cupboard when the inspector came to give me my feedback. Last time all she could hear was ‘help ,let me out’ , as I stood there with the adrift knob in my hand ( again no reference to Digital Dave ) .

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  1. Was that the new art room cupboard or the old one? You had a length of rope in the old one… I never found out what you used it for….Let’s hope it’s a GOOD report!

  2. The old cupboard for the rope …now you know where E.L.James got her inspiration..As for the report …you should have been a detective …

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