J.A. fooled Penn&Teller

John has been up early applying for his Equity Card . Last night we went to ‘Conjuring at the Court’ and had the (mis)fortune to have seats in the front row .There were four acts .How many were john invited to be part of ? Yes…four !. The second one was the funniest .John and another guy were the ventriloquists stooges.Each had to wear a lower face mask and John a ginger wig and then the performer put his hand up their back and operated their faces and voices .Sounds naff-it wasn’t.It ended with John singing and miming ( sort-of ) to ‘I’m a little teapot’ – except his spout was the same side as his handle .The audience ( well me ) went wild.Claire ,wished you been there , you would have loved it …if you thought it was funny when he played the kazoo………The final act was my-all-time-international-favourite-magician, John Archer .He was as brilliant as ever.

Yesterday ,I met with two lovely people from ‘Meningitis UK’ .Their daughter Gillian ,and her baby,Grace died ,of the dreadful thing in 2004. Us old saddies have to stick together .I hope no-one else ever has to feel how wretched and guilt-ridden we feel about the death of our daughters .We would do anything to have them back ,even if it was just for five minutes each year . Sadly, we know this can never happen .

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