A red mark

OK , I know I spelt ‘wearing ‘ wrong…but it’s early . Have a wonderful day everybody and during it , do one little thing for Rosie.

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  1. Nat and I happened across a TV show ‘best of Riverdance the other night and so Nat had to pull out the video (yes, pre-DVD era)of Lord of the Dance (one of Nat’s all time favourites) . Nat regaled me with the tales of how the four sisters had their own parts and danced with the video. I of course remembered watching them dancing along staring at the telly to get the steps right in the front room at hatfield road but had no idea there were such strict guidelines on who was who. Every time. Georgie and Rosie were always the two main women – Georgie the one in the white dress; Rosie the seductress in the red. Natalie was Michael Flatley himself and Flo wasn’t allowed to be a girl but had to be the baddie bloke. As Rosie and Georgie did their solos, the other three would be the ‘chorus’ behind, dancing with their arms straight down by their sides and their feet flicking at furious pace. Nat and I were in hysterics remembering those joyous times and I could literally see all four primary school girls with us in the room as we watched the video.

  2. Laughed out loud at Mums post, its so true, we had the same roles every single time. Flo was occasionally a girl as we gave her the role of the flute playing elf-like one, but the baddie was her main role. Rosie was always the red dress, in control and VERY cool.
    There were so many games similar to this when we were younger, and we did exactly the same thing every time and never seemed to get bored. A favourite of mine and Rosies was to get out all of my mums shoes, then one person would put on a pair and say “who am i?” Just from the shoes they had chosen you had to guess who they were thinking of (eg brown walking boots with a bit of a platform was Scary Spice, posh black heels was Posh Spice… I think a lot of them revolved around the spice girls…) I have so many great memories of childhood games with rosie, right back to scaring shona every playtime in reception by putting our cardigans over our heads and chasing her…!

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