Not quite Bafta award winners

How I love those stories of Rosie and her friends when they were young …and we haven’t even got onto’ Girl Talk’- that famous exclusive club , yet !. Do you remember that life size doll Rosie had that you put your feet into its feet , velcroed its hands around your wrists and did cartwheels with ? Rosie LOVED it , for all of 10minutes , until she realised she couldn’t do a cartwheel. sadly none of the rest of us Dwyers could either, so couldn’t teach her, and so Rosie had to make to with walzing with her.

Just popped upstairs after my 3rd kir Royale. Hoping i can persuade Stu and Nikki to watch the first of a new series of ‘Coach Trip’ with me . Last night I had a night of carcrash TV , as i was babysitting next door- ‘4 Weddings’, followed by ‘A&E in Magalluff’- who needs BBC period dramas when you’ve got this classy stuff !?

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