All for one……..

Well, we managed to leap out of bed at 4.30and the 5 amigos ( can’t say Musketeers anymore , otherwise some anal blog groupy will pull me up on my incorrect GCSE English Lit. ) We drove to Chiswick and squidged up in the stationary chevvy for a good couple of hours , and apart from a couple of eggynuffnuffs ( we all know every family has an affectionate name for bottom burps ), and a severe dip in our blood sugar levels , we all had quite a wheeze….then the queue began to move. There were thousands of cars there , lots of punters , but sadly no Izzy ( still on rugby tour ? ). Fifi is still counting the money , so i’ll let you know if I can retire.

Then I shot down to help out with the St Paul’s SEN group – it was fab , and I remembered how much I love squidging my hands in cornflour and smearing it round the room. Of course we shouldn’t waste food , so I’ll be making a nice cheese sauce with it later.

Then we shot over to Grandmama’s, 88 TODAY. she looked lovely in a turquoise ensemble. We had all the favourites , tempura , asparagus, roast beef , prosecco…and then there was the main course.

I’m pooped now.

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  1. Who are the 5 amigos-you, fi, nat, flo and….?
    How did sales go, any big hits with the punters?!
    Mmmm tempura-we should definitely go out for Thai when i get back!

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