My favourite was Bryony Kimmings

Last night was circus in it’s loosest sense . The main man was Scottee , in his show entitled ‘CAMP’ – which more or less did what it said on the box. He was funny and lovely and really reminded me of Peter Kay as Geraldine in ‘Britain’s got the pop factor and possibly a new Jesus Christ soapstar superstar strictly on ice ‘ .His outfits and shoes were amazing, not your usual drag stuff, more the forties look . I can’t begin to describe the different acts -too rude for your delicate ears,especially on a Sunday

Tonight’s hi-light ( after a spot of pond -dredging ) is Julian’s ‘Downton on Ice’ ie Titanic . The first 3 were pretty naff , but that and a couple of R&C’s numb another Sunday night.

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  1. Rachel. I saw Scottee’s show.I liked him but I found the woman dressed as a big colourful chicken who stuffed eggs in her mouth ,really eerie.I was in the front row and the smell was disgusting .I liked the free Haribos in the interval ,and the interns were great ,esp the one that did Emma Bunton .It was a funny evening though.

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