Stu , get texting ,we’ll sort out a date

All work and no play , makes Rachey a dull girl , so I didn’t take much persuading when Flo suggested afternoon tea , somewhere nice. So at 3pm , I left work , and we shot off to Henry VIII’s fave tearoom ( just nudged in ,in front of Cafe Nero ) and had a cream tea with a Maid of Honour chaser. After a pen-pushing/keyboard tapping/work mounting weekend, I feel I need treats …so now it’s time for a drink ( not mead ) and brain numbing TV( I loathed last weeks Christmas Glee, but loved Smithy & George Michael on Comic Relief ).

Did anyone hear Bob Wilson , the ex Arsenal footballer ,on Aled Jones radio prog , this morning ? He spoke beautifully about his daughter ,Anna, who died, and his subsequent fund raising. He is just about to embark on a huge cycle ride around the UK, punctuated by visits to football clubs. His daughter had cancer , she knew she was dying , and before she died she wrote him a farewell note ” I will see you again , but you will be old and wrinkly and I shall be young and beautiful !”.Although he is a non- believer ,her note made him laugh and gave him comfort. I don’t know one bereaved parent who does not cling on to that hope.

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