Double trouble

I took Grandma ( name of Joan – actually it’s Grace , but she hates that and so chooses to be called by her middle name , I prefer Grace – hence Rosie Grace ….I digress ) and her friend Joan, out to lunch today . Joan 1 is 88, wheelchair bound with 2 NHS hearing aids , Joan 2 is 95, wheelchair bound with 2 ‘private ‘ hearing aids that buzz. They hadn’t seen each other for a year ( the Joans , not the hearing aids). Well , we parked up and 20mins and 3 entrances later we were sitting in the brightest spot in the pub. 30minutes later and i think the whole of ‘The Olde bell Inn ‘ in Horley had heard the 2 Joans life histories , including their most intimate medical details , plus what every member of ‘The Golden Circle’ ( don’t ask – but I assure it is not a South london Sect )was up to . Cos of Joan 1’s ‘Volkmans Contracture’ she find it hard to hold a knife and fork and so prefers finger food, so ordered tempura prawns and chips….but once she’d spotted my fish cakes, suddenly the idea of struggling with the fork seemed more attractive and so we did a swop.The 3 of us shared a low cal (?) toffee and pecan pud with custard. After 2 large glasses of dry white and 90mins of yet more medical details, we had emptied the pub and had to make 2 grand exits to the car. We then drove back to Joan 2’s first floor flat , made 2 entrances, settled down to tea and biscuits – and yet more graphic details , and was dispatched to Horley Waitrose to get Joan 2’s shopping . On route to brigstock,I’d done Joan1’s shopping at Merton Sainsburies, fool that I am , forgetting I could kill 2 old birds with 1 stone ! But it was worth it ( nothing that 3 days in retreat won’t put right ), they are 2 lovely old gals whose eyes lit up when they saw each other…..and when the dry white was put on the table.

Jacob is doing a ‘Ray Mears’ tomo. The intrepid explorer is sailing south to Bursia. Flo and i just googled it, we were a bit worried at first as the foreign Office advised against going there , until we realised that was Burma. Bursia looks fab – lots of beautiful Mosques and water and bbq’d mussels – wish we were there. Perhaps if i put Joans 1&2 on a flight to Istanbul jacob could sort them out .with a little adventure………………………….

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