The tarts in the freezer for next time

Thank Jesus for Islam. Today school was closed to celebrate Eid , and after a couple of Tequila Sunrises and a few white vinos I had last night , this morning I was fit for nothing except maybe porridge in front of the TV while watching last nights ‘Strictly’ .Then things got better ( apart from Chelsee retaining her place ), Florence and I went up to The Isis and even though we took our photo ,I’m leaving Jane and her gang to save our screen – couldn’t bear to look at myself while in bed- too dam scarey.We did a bit of shopping In Muji and lunch in Carluccios , then tonight it’s Lord Sugar on one side and the gorgeous Gareth on the other.

Back to last night- Congrats team…Izzy,Jacob and our team captain ,Holly., once again we nailed them in The Bowl Game. Commiserations to the losing ( too busy talking )team – Ryan,Adam ,Stu and Florence….next time we’re splitting you two up.

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