Five identical Volkswagen Type 2s were used during filming

Even Peter Andre ,and his family, talk some sense .Speaking of the death of his brother Andrew , one of his other brothers says ” You don’t get over it : you get on with it .It’s affected us all so much because we now know how vulnerable we are .”

So sad and so true .

As you know I read a lot about what people say about life after your child or sibling has died and I take it all in and I try and live my life in a good,positive and kind way BUT it is not about me , it is about Rosie ,and how wrong ,unfair and cruel it was for her and that makes me very very very upset.

John and I have just watched the brilliant ‘Little Miss Sunshine ‘. Back in 2006 , Rosie and I went to see it at Cineworld Kings Road .It was a Sunday afternoon and I think she came as she was the only one not doing anything and I begged her to come on the promise of some Rococo Chocolates ( turned out the shop was closed ) .We both loved it .I know it sounds cheesy ,but it was one of those films when the audience whoops and claps at the end .It had such an amazing feel-good factor

Talking of family ,we are off to Brum today to celebrate Johns’ sister Mary and her husband Rick’s sixtieths .We thought of taking the camper van and reinacting the rolling it down a hill and jumping in it ,in third gear ..but didn’t think it would work with us the two of us (we’ll wait til Jacob and Florence get home .

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  1. rachel did you know Little Miss Sunshine film was dedicated to Rebecca Annitto, the 14-year-old niece of producer Peter Saraf, who was killed in a traffic accident in 2005. She appeared as an extra in scenes at Pann’s Restaurant and the convenience store.

  2. I know – all the characters are so quirky .I loved the relationship between the gay,suicidal uncle and the silent brother .
    Rosie and I left the cinema buzzing

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