Not easy in slippers

Today ,in the kitchen I’ve done the Pretzel,Lunge,Brush and Turnout ( Jazz Dance) .Then the Duck,Check,Comb and hand-drop ( Salsa ) ,followed by the Pas de Basque,Contretemps ,Gargouillade and Temps de Fleche -which is not natural – should be banned (Ballet) .Winding down ( or in my case booking into the osteopath ) with a Downward Dog , which I was hoping was the same as a Classy Cock – but sadly is not. It’s a Yoga position which breaks your wrists and suffocates you ( unless you have the upper body of Kate Moss ) .

We have three Dutch students of Musical Theatre staying with us .They are amazing .They know and can sing in tune ALL the songs from every musical .They can dance ,act ,are smiley and talk English .One didn’t go into his lessons at Pineapple Studios today ,so he danced around our kitchen teaching me the moves . I think he was impressed with my knowledge of Pineapple and the fact I knew Louis Spence ,until I explained it was because I had watched the TV series and had never actually met him .

Now we are all excited as he has just found out he has an audition for Billy Elliot, and so will be popping home for a couple of days .

30minutes later ….. just watched on Youtube and then rein-acted the finale from Billy Elliot ,with a tap routine alternating one coal-miner with one ballet dancer .Guess which role I played – and it wasn’t the ballet dancer ?

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