Jacob’s exhibition

We’ve heard from Jacob in Amsterdam .he’s sharing an apartment with 3 Dutch guys and has bought a sit-up-and-beg-bike .

His film is currently being shown at The Curzon Mayfair ( joke ) , it’s actually part of an exhibition…here are the details

”………….on Tues is the opening of the Kingston show in Peckham at the Hannah Barry gallery. it goes from 5-8.
Its also on from 11-6 weds, thurs, Fri. Heres the website: http://willhappinessfindme.co.uk/press-release/
If you do go, please take some photos to show me and also pick up a publication/brochure. They look good.
Thanks Jacob ”

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  1. Just watched Jacob’s film online, which I enjoyed immensely. You must be so proud. I’ve also forwarded it to Alastair who shares Jacob’s passion for film making. xxx

  2. Cheers for the plug ma.lovely day in amsterdam. Have kitted out my room so its pretty good now. Aparently it was the room lived in by someone who went crazy whilst doing die ateliers. One wall is painted yellow which is aparently to cover the marks he smeared all over the wall in a manic state. They could have been shit. Anyway.Have a gd’un.

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