take 4 minutes out of your busy day to watch this

Georgina sent me a lovely email last week , I hope she doesn’t mind ,but I cut and pasted a bit of it . This is the most wonderful song .It made me weep ,but in an OK way .Words and music are so powerful – they express so much that wouldn’t sound quite so right just read out .I loved the video too- it made me smile .

I always love it when people tell me stuff that is relevant to Rosie . She and Georgina were bestess friends from the day they were plonked on a rug together ,aged around 5 or 6 months .And the fact that Georgina was with her when she died , makes that friendship all the more special .

”I was just listening to this song called Long Live The Queen by Frank Turner – I remember showing it to Flo just after Rosie died because I like the sentiment of the song, even though I find it incredibly sad. I thought I’d send it to you as I was just thinking about Rosie, as I often do, and this song is all about how his friend has died but she wanted her friends to keep dancing, living life and remembering her as they do it. I think that’s what Rosie would say to us – she did love dancing so much after all! I love the videos of her at our garden party – she was so in her element when she was dancing.”


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  1. I know ,I’ve watched it loads .
    jacob if you read this , he’s playing at a small venue in Amsterdam – wish I could go

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