ITV at it’s best ?

We switched on about half way through to ‘The Pride of Britain’ (I don’t think that includes Sarah Browns shoes – she looked Dorothy on a bad day – no suggestions as to who Gordon looked like ),and it was about a little girl who had contracted Meningoccal Septicaemia as a baby – it near dam killed us . They told her story in detail. Thankfully she survived , but had her legs amputated .She was a gorgeous feisty little thing and was now training in martial arts. God it is a cruel awful thing. When i have spoken to proffessionals from the Meningitis Septacaemia Trust ( and I have detail and they provide counselling ), they stress that most of the moey they raise is for research , to find out ‘why’. So please, if you see someone shaking a MST tin , do give …cos it is just too awful for anyone.

Then, on ‘POB’ awards, they played Kings of Leon – since comic relief , everyone has jumped on that bandwagon. Then in the adverts , up popped the co-op and ‘Blowing in the Wind’ .

And yes , if you did watch it , I have put gramndma’s name down for ‘The over 85’s abseiling course’.

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