* Don’t get me wrong , as soon as that viewing gallery’s opened ,I’m up there

I think we are jinxed – in the cable-car department. Twice I’ve been to Barcelona , twice the cable car across the bay , wasn’t running .Yesterday John and I went to fly/glide/be pulled by a cable across The Thames , but it wasn’t to be .The winds were gusting.flying/travelling at 21mph …the cut-off point for the cable cars is 20mph. So we went and saw stuff instead . We saw The William Klein and Daido Moriyana photographic and film exhibition at The Tate and then , in the evening ,another Second World War /Nazi ( it was Cabaret last week ) musical ‘Marguerite ‘ at The Tabard . Odd subject for a musical , but it worked , was very good and the theatre is so small we were almost on the stage.

There’s something about being up high I like .Don’t get me wrong ,I am a wimp ,I would NEVER bungee jump or parachute out of a plane .I just like being up high and looking …. Stupidly and illogically , for a non-believer , maybe it is because I feel closer to Rosie . Last week I went to the beautiful Winkworth Arboretum with a friend .Her son ,Jonathan died at 17 from a brain-tumour .She had recently been to Toronto , where she did an open walk around The CN Tower ,1,168 feet up, with no barrier . She said was terrified , but exhilarated and after Jonathan died, that sort of fear didn’t stop her from doing stuff .Google CN Tower: Edgewalk ,it looks amazing ..and puts our Shard* , all 1016 feet of it ,to shame .

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