Not quite Rodin

Yesterday we went to the most barking-mad sculpture park ”The pride of the Valley’. I think the owner thought he was in Wales ,not Surrey, as he’d adorned the outside with dragons and daffodils ! It was the most beautiful setting , hills, valleys , trees, wildflowers , lakes, streams, waterpalls, tiny paths ….shame about the sculpture! There was some fabulous stuff, mainly from Zimbabwe alongside some absolute dross. The added bonus was there was a lovely pub opposite and you were free, once you’d paid your entrance fee and got your 9 page guide to the sculptures, to come and go as you pleased ….so we did pub/sculpture/pub/sculpture/pub. Needless to say we didn’t buy ‘le piece de resistance’ the 4 men of the apocolypse, made entirely out of dirty junk , for £19,000 !

Got home to find AF multi-tasking . Sticking down the collage squares while making cookie-dough ( yes- the actual cake mix ) icecream, he still had time to watch ‘Coach-Trip’ with me !

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  1. Greetings from Cusco Rachel!
    The hostel im in has internet so naturally this was my first port of call (facebook next, of course…)

    The change of picture completely threw me as well-i love that one of Rosie in the sea.
    I keep thinking about her here, mainly when im wandering around the markets which are so so colourful and when im talking to random people-succch a rosie thing to do! She would love Peru, its full of interesting things and people.

    At risk of doing a jacob and having a sub-blog, the inca trail starts tomorrow (!) which will be both fun and so tiring, if what amy gerlis said is anything to go by! Had a kerfuff of a 24hour coach ride here from Lima and was fed only cream crackers for that entire time but luckily we survived…

    The collage and painting sound like theyr coming along really well, i cant wait for the exhibition.
    Thinking of you and all the Dwyers all the time. Hopefully speak soon! Loads of love xxxx

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