Notes from across the pond

Georgina, how wonderful to hear from you . I love the sub-blogs ( far more interesting than mine ), keep us updated with your adventures.Your day tomo , sounds nearly as exciting as mine – taking Grandma to a 10am hospital appt in croydon .Don’t ask what for ??!! Didn’t you pack any marmite to go with your cream crackers ?

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  1. Rach…I just read the episode of Jane at the theatre…..I was in hysterics…………and I’ve heard it before!!!!! It made me remember just how much we laughed with Jane….even at times when you might have thought that she didn’t have much left to laugh about. Our ostriches in the garden came from Zimbabwe…..they were much admired at the party.

  2. That last sentence of Declan’s….is it secret spy code? Can we all join in? The cows are grazing on the right side of the hill….and the journey to Roscommon is not easy.

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