Jacob you were missed this afternoon, John and I were at soup kitchen – and it was all pretty manic. NO dogs , but they put Dad in charge of the drinks ………………..One of the regulars,James ,asked after you ,and he bought his guitar along to play for you.

Last night ,we went to see an amazing musical at the Young Vic – called ‘Human Comedy’, funny title really as it was in fact a tragedy ( cue STEPS dance routine ), about a telegram boy in California in 1942 who has to deliver the telegrams to the families of the men/boys killed in action. It was done in ‘deep-South Gospel style singing ‘ and the 50 strong chorus were made up of local people , so the audience were going crazy .It was an amazing atmosphere ( cue Russ Abbot dance routine for the over 40’s ). Anyway , it was amongst all these people that John chose to demonstrate his love for me – he gave me his last rolo- and it pulled my dam tooth out ! Just call me ‘Gappy’.

Today has been tricky, I’m not good with ‘Good-byes’ and the fact that peeps are off to college /Uni/italy, I find very hard- I know I will miss seeing Nats smiling face around the house. I wish them all well . I will hand over to Mark Twain for my favourite quote -this is my advice to all of you…………………

”Dance like there’s nobody watching,

Love like you’ve never been hurt,

Sing like there’s nobody listening

And live like it’s heaven on earth”.

90 weeks ago we said good-bye to Rosie- she was a person who followed this mantra- why did she have to leave us ? I just don’t get it.

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  1. how was james?was he annoyed I wasn’t there after I’d asked him to bring his guitar?was it HONESTLY his last rolo?
    today I cycled to corbridge. on the way back I was watching this really funny dog in the tyne… trying to get a tennis ball but without getting wet, although in deep water. when I looked forward I was heading for a bush… I couldn’t stop and went right into it. so funny.

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