‘Little Boy Blue’ – The story is different but the pain is the same .

Never have I seen grief portrayed so tangibly .

Like the death of any young person – so sad, cruel , devastating, shocking .

In no way am I comparing Rosie’s death to Rhys Jone’s , but the weird thing is , that some of the words and actions of his mother ,Mel, have shocked me , as they were so similar to mine .

A dear friend of mine was on holiday when Rosie died , she came round 3 days later . Although that period is a fog ,I clearly remember saying to her ( as I fell into arms in our hallway ) ‘what am I going to do ?’ Mel said those exact same words to her friend . A simple sentence , but a loaded one . I can’t remember her answer , but I know now – hold your family tight , breathe , weep, put one foot in front of the other , only be with people you feel ‘safe’ with and then living and all the practical stuff will follow .

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