All beautiful happy photos

25 long months.

Last night I was reading an article in The Sunday Times News Review section ( and I used to be a relatively fast reader ). It was the tragic story 38 yr old woman .Justine, whose husband had died and then she was diagnosed with terminal cervical cancer. She died not long after .They had 5 children.The article was about how her sister is now bringing up her five children , as well as her own two. Before she died , Justine prepared her children as well as she could , writing to them , making memory boxes etc. A snippet of what she wrote to her best friend touched me ”We will miss them everyday, like they miss us- we are only a thought away.To keep the memory of us alive, talk about us every day like we are still here and do the normal things we used to do………………”

I hope we are doing this for you Rosie

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