Actually it’s not that strange, but it is true.

Have you clicked onto the new section ”London 10K Run for Rosie 10K” ? Can you guess who selected the 7 photos ( clue – it wasn’t ,Bert,John , Florence or me ) ? I especially love the one of Helenka’s toe , just before Richard C. conducted a surgical procedure on it . But am a bit miffed that there’s one photo of Stu and Flo running , while the photographer’s favourite , is stood talking and having a drink.

Talking of finely tuned athletes , The Dwyers have all signed up for this Sundays’ Ealing Skyride ( for all you country bumpkins , Boris closes loads of streets , including Coldershaw , and so all us frustrated cyclists can pedal away to our hearts content.) ..but there are just 4 minor problems:-

1) Florence is in Spain – I know, a feeble excuse.

2) I don’t have a bike

3) Jacob’s bike in Newcastle

4) Today ,John’s bike was stolen………and if you were about to suggest he cheated and went round on his scooter, that too would be a no no , as someone broke into that and stole his battery.

So, sadly, we are not the best equipped family in the borough.

Today was odd, I was on the train to Crowhurst , to meet up with Bev and go for a walk on the beach. At Tonbridge , we were all instructed to get off the train , as there was a tree on the line , and there would be no further trains. I phoned Bev , and she kindly drove up to Tonbridge to meet me. Meanwhile I made base camp in Cafe Nero. En route to the loo, I heard a voice say ”hello Rachel” – it was a friend I used to work with in Brum , who I haven’t seen for ages . Strange but true.

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  1. i was going to do the sky ride aswell i didn’t realise you had to sign up i thought you could just turn up. do you know if it’s too late to do it?

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