can you spot the flamingoes in the background ?

A new 21st of the month so new photos .Thank-you Darren .

This has never happened before , but I didn’t think the girl on the left of the first photo was Rosie . To me ,it doesn’t look like her , I don’t recognise the hat . Florence and John have both confirmed it is her . So apologies Rosie ( you do know I talk to her )

Anyway back to the photos .The first one was with the Moakes girls aboard a Dragoman truck on the banks of Lake Nakuru – best best best holiday ever

The second is with Neelam , I think in NYC on The Drayton school trip . Funnily enough when I saw it ,I thought I must tell Neelam she’s on tinternet , and who should I bump into in Osterley Park today , but the very girl and she’s as lovely as she looks on that photo ..Next we have Rosie and Izzy Pickles , in our kitchen, wearing an assortment of dressing up clothes ( never quite grew out of it !) .Then finally it’s with Jacob ,in I think , the bedroom of The Anchor ,Walberswick .

Now I’ve seen them , I want her back even more .

It’s bloody bloody wrong

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