* he woke up with a mullet this morning- it worked!

If Sweeney Todd ever shouts ‘MOVE’ at you, while he brandishes a cut-throat razor, I suggest you just move .

Last night we witnessed one of the best pieces of musical theatre ever .

Last year I tried and tried to get tickets for Sweeney Todd performed by Tooting Arts Club for a short period in the actual Harrington’s Pie and Mash Shop ( the shop operated as normal during the day and the performance went on in the evening ) Tooting – pretty near my old stomping ground .

But with only 30 or so tickets being sold every night, it was impossible .But thanks to Stephen Sondheim telling Cameron M. about it ,it has come to London , with around 70 tickets on sale each night .

There is no stage , we sat at a table in the shop and the performance goes on around you , or in John’s case – on you, when Sweeney poured and rubbed oil into John’s head to try to make his hair grow *.

It was all great – the performers ,the atmosphere, the chatting with the people around us , the bar , the staff and actors mingling with the audience..and the power and the blood and the gore and the fear and the humour .

Just wonderful

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