Help the aged

I’ve just got in and nobody is home – very odd. I’m not good on not knowing where people are . Another thing I’m not good at is going to Sainsburies. A year ago I would have happily bumped into people i know , now I can’t stand it. I run the gauntlet up each aisle , avoiding anyone likely to say hello. I obviously look very suspicious ( the balaclava doesn’t help ) and I’m prob on the Sains No.1 most likely shoplifters. Saying that i did bump into the lovely Viv , who childminded Jacob and Rosie for about 4 years. She remended me of how Rosie used to HATE having and afternoon nap ,and mastered the art of climbing out the travel cot and causing mayhem …don’t ask- lets just say it involved a dirty nappy and Viv’s bed .

Lorna, Its not just Jordan’s lip that looks odd, but why are her teeth so white ? I think Sam is trying too hard and is out to win ( prob cos shes jealous of Jordan and she wants to be on the front of every mag you see at the checkout in Sains ).

Grandmama had to do without me today as i went to work . Who will be getting her cappacinos and peanut butter ….and gin ?

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