Which ones were your brothers friends ?

Adam,I have just watched the documentary ‘Deaf Teens, Hearing World’ and I think everyone should be made to watch it . I guess what came over to me , is how deaf people have to work so much harder at doing stuff…life can be so dam hard – it must be exhausting at times . I was a bit worried ,as at the beginning the good old BBC said ‘Contains some upsetting scenes’ – unless you count that yeuch looking meal a couple had at Nandos,I thought it was quite uplifting and some of those young people were truly inspirational .Didn’t spot any ‘Adam woz here’ tags at your school .

It probably isn’t on iplayer for much longer ,so I urge you all to watch it

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  1. Meghan (the scottish girl who had the implant) was in his class, and his girlfriend makes a brief appearance in the dining hall scene. I remember most of them but they were very little, probably first years when I was there. The english teacher Mrs Howe is a bit of a legend!
    The funniest scene for me was the notetaker who’s “chicken was ill” and had to leave early… in contrast, my notetaker had a horrible accident (car keys down a drain/ heavy drain cover – wont say anymore.) and had two fingers literally chopped off, but she put on two thimble/finger extensions and carried on typing…. now thats dedication!

  2. I think i would have punched ‘sick chicken woman’.We had a teacher at our place , who rang in sick with ‘my cats got sistitus’– how can you tell ? People who put animals before people are in my room 101.

  3. I watched deaf teens on Iplayer – it was such an interesting programme! I agree Rachel, life must be so frustrating at times for deaf people, but I found it a really positive programme. I found the girl who had no desire to communicate with the hearing world really fascinating, I just cannot imagine what her life must be like. And sick chicken made me laugh a lot!!

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