Tunnel 228

Jacob and i have just spent 70minutes wearing a face mask in the centre of london, and its nothing to do with swine flu . We weren’t even at a Michael jackson convention.Bet you can’t guess…..

We were this amazing exhibition/installation/ performance arty thing in the tunnels under Waterloo Station , and no there weren’t any funny mushrooms I had in my crepe for lunch. It’s called ‘Tunnel-228’ . Its really hard to explain , but its dark and musty and atmospheric with different installations and actors in ‘Black Panther’ masks in every cell/room/tunnel/staircase. We saw a man walking upside down on the ceiling , a woman emerging from a stagnant pool. a man on a giant treadmill, a couple making love underwater – thats the nearest to porn , and you had to view it through spyholes in a sort of tardis ( I bet you’re all rushing to get tickets now ). Do you remember the lifesize figures Jacob made , and Rosie got up with him at 5am , to set them up and take photos of them in that little tunnel in Kew ? well there are loads of those lifesize models aroun . except some are real and take you by surprise .The lighting and sounds were incredible. It was weird but fab. I love stuff like that.

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