Up the Bosphorous

Well don’t tell Burglar Bill, but we’re off to Istanbul for 3 days to see ( and in Flo’s case stay with ) Jacob for 3 nights. John and I have pushed the boat out – 3 nights in a small hotel, 90euros, all in ( that means a left over kebab for breakfast , not all- inclusive ). I can’t wait to get my hands on my little Macho Turkish Delight, and then i guess I’ll see Jacob – boom boom. No really i haven’t seen him in the flesh for nearly 2 months, so i’m looking forward to one huge big cringetearhugfest at the airport.

He’s got stuff planned for us , so wait til next week to find out our itinery…………..

Talking of ‘Burglar Bill’ , that was Jacob’s joint favourite book , (toddler NOT A’level ), his other was Hairy McClary. Rosie’s was ‘Each peach Pear Plum , and Florence’s ‘I want my potty’. Sadly , mine was ‘The Original Grimms Tales’ – which if you’ve ever read them says a lot about me.

Au revoir – French/Turkish for adieu

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