Did you know Neil Sedaka wrote ‘Is this the way to Amarillo’?

I think ,without her knowing, Grandma’s been plagarised.She never wears hats( esp not Beatrices ) although she might fancy being in a film( esp Jacobs ). But… she might be about to appear in a reality programme ( NOT The Only Way is Essex or Strangeways or Supersize vs Superskinny ) ,but ’24 hrs in Kings College A&E’ on C4 on Wednesday 18th at 9pm. If they were filming on Wed 23rd March , we’re in for a treat !

As for the Sheffield Boss, he’s not ,Joe Cocker. Sean Bean or Alex Turner , but Tony Christie. I love him . It was a night of pure cheese. In 2008 ,I was driving Rosie to work at Waitrose ( I know it’s not far ,but she was running v late ) and I played her his version of ‘Louise’ ,written by Phil Oakey. She was blown away and like me, she loved it .We sat and listened to it again ,both us moved to tears. Then about 2 weeks before she died, John and I went to see Tony Christie perform the songs from that album …’Made in Sheffield’ with Richard Horley and his Band up at Cadogan Hall. It was a wonderful night. Sloane Square was lit with fairy lights, we had amazing seats overlooking the stage, the concert was beautiful and we were so happy.Then it all went wrong.

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