Alphabetical ,not the order they came in

On Sunday ,around 11.15,standing alone ( yet surrounded by hundreds of others ) , I was so proud when Florence ,John,Katie ,Molly and Simon rode in .They had cycled 200km overnight from Hackney to Dunwich ,in all weathers including rain and thunder and lightening storms ..and they still had smiles on their faces .What an amazing feat .It was brilliant, they were brilliant , the atmosphere was brilliant .Molly had only borrowed her friend’s bike the previous day and a few of them had only cycled a maximum of 50K before ! Then after bagels,juice and muffins , they went in the sea , all except the oldest member of the group ,who sat with me on the beach .I could feel an incy bit vindicated as I had swum in the sea at 6.30 that morning .

As they were cycling through one village , a guy drove past them, slowed down , wound down his window and asked them ”Are you that Tour de France thing ?” !

Anyone fancy joining them next year ?

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