My cousin Sonia

My Dad , Geoffrey, was the 3rd of 4 children .About 70 years ago , his eldest brother ,Anthony , emigrated to New Zealand , married Laura , and had 4 girls – Sonia, Elaine, Christine and Pamela- my cousins .

This summer , Cousin Sonia is coming to London , and we’ve been emailing mainly about practical stuff and then it moved on to personal stuff and today I received this …..

Dear Rachel,

I have some idea of your grief over Rosie. It is 30+ years since we lost our Andrew, to viral Myocarditis. It was so sudden and unexpected, but I was able to do CPR, and get help. Sadly after 10 days we had to let him go. This time was social, as it gave us all time to adjust to the inevitable and be together. You never forget, and always there are ‘what ifs and if only ‘. But you cannot put the clock back! Even after all those years I write this with tears running down my face.. I have a box, with mementos, and as I go throug stored boxes and papers etc I still find more to add to Andrews box.

Much love


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