too many verys to type

Thank you all for your beautiful flowers ,words, wine ,cards,emails and texts – they mean a lot .

Yesterday was all about Rosie ,as well as keeping safe ,and doing good stuff with kind people…… and all that was possible knowing Jacob and Florence were together in Dam ( as Jacob calls it ) also doing good stuff .With Freya, they drove to Hoge Veluwe National Park and cycled on the famous white bikes, before going out for tapas .

We on the other hand ,worked and then ate out with 25 people .

Work was great – I danced for Rosie – Disco ,Country and Bhangra .Luckily it is ‘Dance Extravaganza’ week at school – so it wasn’t just me looking a complete plonker in the artroom. Then I shot to The Isis , laid down , looked to the sky and just tried to be still in my head .Not easy when 3 Japanese tourists ask if a) I’m OK and b) if answer to a) is ‘yes’ ,would I kindly take a photo

Once home and together, John and I shot off to another night at Ealing Night Shelter .John was on the door ,I was on wash-bags .At 8pm we sat down to a fab carb-laden 3 course dinner and chat, with people who sadly, have more baggage than us .

Later at home we ,at 106 and Jacob ,Florence and Freya in Holland ,raised our glasses of Whisky (us ) , Sangria (them ) to Rosie .

We love her so very very very very much

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