‘There’s a Place for Us’ being a particular favourite

Tears of bloody anger…
There we were half way through our second song ,halfway through the scooby snacks and halfway up a grassy hill ,leading from the beautiful village of Aldbury and heading for Ivinghoe Beacon .The sky was azure blue ,Red Kites were flying above us , not a soul in sight …..when out of nowhere ( in fact there was a golf-course behind the mound ) a miserable old bag shouts at us ”would you be a bit quieter , you’re putting me off my putting”- not even a dam ‘please’.
So we sang louder , managing to cover The Sound of Music, Camelot, Hair and West Side Story .

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  1. He was a she and aged about 70 .
    I didn’t add ,as she walked to her next hole she came over and asked us to be quiet again ( we were only talking ( OK ,loudly, but just talking ) . I found her so obnoxious , I had to walk away ..saying ‘I’m sorry ,I just cannot bare to talk to you”
    Not many people get to me like she did !

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