Please go up to The Cottesloe to see it .Or ask me to show you the photos

Yesterday was sort of weird , but in a good way .I really had strong feelings that Rosie was with me . I loved the Thames Clipper.It ambled up the river to Tower Bridge ,and then wooosh,the old captain tweaked his throttle, and we were off. Unfortunately ,it was just at the moment I stood up to hold onto the railing,wave, take a photo and shout ‘hello sailor’ to Jacob , who was sitting on Lisa’s barge.Oh well at least I provided some entertainment for the American Tourists .I love it all around Canary Wharf , it is like being abroad.So much so we ordered a large carafe of chilled rose` and only used the Museum of Docklands for its toilet.Then we wooshed back along the Thames to London Bridge and went and saw the Miro exhibition at The Tate Mod. I loved his stuff, but it spooked me that a lot of his early stuff was paintings of where he lived in Mont-roig, Spain . As you know our last holiday with Rosie was to Barcelona and then to a campsite …’Playa de Mont-roig. We had lunch on our first day in the village of Mont-roig ( we had to as we were lost and John and I were having a huge barney over my map-reading skills and my fear of him overtaking big trucks and being too close – so I needed a therapeutic San Miguel ).For me ,it felt good that I was looking a at beautiful paintings of a place the 5 of us had been to.

Then we went on to The Cottesloe to see the brilliant ‘London Road’. We bumped into Amy Gerlis ( Rosie’s friend from Drayton ) , who was there with her Mum and Dad. At the interval we were chatting with them on the balcony,I looked up and there was a piece of art on the wall,a painting made up of 12 individually painted squares to make a complete picture .It reminded me of our collaborative collage .It was of a garden scene. There was one word on it , painted over 2 adjoining squares .The word was ‘Rosie’

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