And you thought it was going to be a programme on ‘The Shed Channel’ *

I had an email from Claire , a journalist from Waitrose’s staff magazine ‘The Chronicle’. Tomorrow the piece she has written about Rosie and all of our fundraising activities, will be in .She’s sending us some copies, I feel quite nervous.

It probably sounds stupid , but I think a lot about crying . Sometimes people apologise for making me cry and I tell them don’t , my tears are just below the surface ( hence the reason I always carry a linen handkerchief ). for most of the time my tears stay put , I hold them in , but sometimes I just can’t . They are real tears of sadness , desperation, loss , yearning ? I’m not exactly sure what . But last night I cried comfortable tears . You know the tears that come from a film, an advert ,a TV prog .The sort of tears that come when people say ‘look at me , I cry at anything’- which to me is quite an enviable thing to be able to say cos it usually means ‘comfortable tears’…and the programme that did it for me was ‘Educating Essex’. Ryan’s speech at the leavers assembly was pure unadulterated joy. I could have hugged him although having Asperger’s Syndrome ,it would have been the last thing he would have wanted .

Going walking in Rosie’s woods today

( * It does exist and John loves it )

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