I’m pooped

I have returned to work , I don’t think my students even noticed I’d been missing , probably just thought I’d been locked in the artroon cuboard – again . yes it did happen once . I went in the cuboard after work, shut the door ( never done that before ) to apply lippy , brush hair and take off my overall , in preparation for my ‘post lesson observation feedback’ by the Ofsted inspector. I didn’t know that some little toad had removed the inside handle and so when I shut the door , I couldnt open it again ! I had to bang on the door until , at last , the Ofsted inspector arrived, heard me and let me out – that all went in the report !

It was lovely to see my students, they leave in 2 weeks time and are all year 14 ( students in special schools get an extra year of education ) , Rosie’s year . In fact one boy was born on Rosie’s Bday , 9.12.89. Next year I have Year 13 , Florence’s year- so loads of 18th birthday parties- how many conga’s can I do around St Anns ?

Jacob (jamie Oliver eat your hear out ) Dwyer just cooked dinner – a fried halloumi, bacon caeser salad – delicious.

Enough of my old tat, I think lorna has a story for us involving an aged aunt , the police , a toyboy and her good self ………………….

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