She didn’t get it from John or me

Funny how things happen …
Today I had been to see Auntie Grace in her old folks home and was driving back ,when Beyonce’s ‘Crazy in Love ‘ came on the radio …and it took me right back to an exact moment in time around April ,nine years ago .The huge coincidence was I was in Auntie Grace’s Gerard’s Cross flat at the time, having driven Grandma there from Croydon. We were having lunch ,when my mobile rang – it was Rosie. She was distraught and could hardly speak .Between sobs she managed to tell me that she had failed the dance audition for Artist Theatre School’s choreographed dance routine to ‘Crazy in Love’ for their upcoming show .All her friends had got in . I was so upset for her . I wanted to hug her/punch someone/be with her .As I left that morning ,she had been in her PJ’s practicing the routine in our kitchen .I’m not just saying it, but Rosie was a lovely dancer – she was free spirited, and moved beautifully – I could watch her for hours .I really felt sorry for her .( I’m no fool , in the grand scheme of things ,it was nothing ).But at the time it meant the world to her .
After hearing that song ,I drove on in a bit of a blur .

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