I think I’ve mentioned Wendy Perriam before. She is a primarily an author , but writes and talks beautifully about how she feels since the death of her daughter,Pauline. On Saturday I read an article she had written for The Guardian family Section .So much of it was how I felt and because I am so clumsy with words , I thought I’d let you read hers …

“no one could deny that the death of a child is profoundly traumatic. My sister,who lost a son of 33 told me, a few years ago told me that she re-experienced the grief every single day. It was no worse,she said,on his birthday or the anniversary of his death-it was a constant,daily,gnawing sense of loss………………

I keep a sort of scrapbook in my head of Pauline,as a baby, toddler, schoolgirl ,undergraduate.Even death cannot expunge the fact I enjoyed my daughter at all those different stages-and, yes, even now, I strive to keep her vibrantly alive.”

Thats exactly how I feel and why I keep on writing this stuff . x

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